Marshall Islands Offshore Company Setup

Why make the change?

Incorporating an offshore company in Marshall Islands is a very convenient and simple procedure that can open up huge opportunities for your company’s future. The Marshall Islands is a classic offshore jurisdiction with a stable economy and a high reputation. It is an democratic and independent state with a free political union with United States.

An offshore company in Marshall Islands –

International business advantages

The Republic of the Marshall Islands continues to be a popular jurisdiction for entrepreneurs and investors alike. One of the main advantages of forming an offshore company in Marshall Islands is zero taxation for companies registered by non-residents and receiving its income outside the jurisdiction similar International Business Company IBC.
Marshall Islands stable economic and political systems are incentives for entrepreneurs seeking to incorporate offshore, there is no requirement for annual general meetings, while if they do take place it can be carried out anywhere in the world. Annual financial reporting and auditing is not required, there is no public registrar of companies thus the level of confidentiality is at its highest. The country’s Corporate Registry is dedicated to easy and fast incorporation procedures for limited liability Marshall Islands offshore company.

Summarizing, as an offshore jurisdiction, the Marshall Islands is the ideal location to set up holding or investment companies and we can assist with offshore company formation.

  • English is the official language
  • Name of company can be in any language that uses the Latin alphabet
  • Wide range of business possibilities
  • Only one Director is required
  • Single ownership is possible
  • Modern corporate legislation
  • Flexible corporate structure
  • Nominee services are available
  • Meetings are not required
  • No public register of company officers including Director Shareholder and Secretary
  • Tropical destination
  • No taxes of any kind
  • No audited of account sis required
  • No tax information exchange agreements
  • No exchange controls
  • Free re-domiciliation
  • Low fees
  • No requirements to file accounts or annual accounts to the Government
  • Confidentiality ensured for Directors and beneficial owners
  • Stable economic and political jurisdiction
  • Highly reputable offshore market
  • Many different types of shares are allowed to be issued

The Marshall Islands offshore company is

perfect for:

Tax optimization

Asset management

Initial public offerings

Vessel & Yacht Ownership

Real Property Holding & Planning

Intellectual Property Management

General Offshore Company

Top Uses:

Asset management & protection

Tax optimization

Real Property Holding

Holding securities & bank accounts

Trust & estate planning

International trade

Our Services:

Same day company formation

Highest confidentiality

A dedicated client relationship manager

Share capital must not be paid up

Low establishment fee

Anonymous company formation with nominee director & shareholder

Guaranteed bank account, including e-Banking & credit card

Fast, Easy & Confidential‎​

1. Create online order

Select the company formation package that meets your requirements. During this process, we also provide free consulting to help you set up the right company structure per your need.

2. Collect documents & consent forms

After receiving order and payment, our customer service will contact you in the same day to confirm order information and gather required documents and consent forms for incorporation in Marshall Islands.

3. Proceed the incorporation

The electronic documents are ready after 2 working days of company formation, and it takes 3-7 days for courier the original kit.

4. Make payment

Your settlement can be made online via Credit card, Debit Card, or Paypal. Bank wire transfer is also acceptable.


Incorporation Requirements for an Marshall Islands Offshore Company:

Marshall Islands company registration requirements are very simple and straightforward. The Marshall Islands jurisdiction uses a single company in which to incorporate all of its non-resident companies. The following information is needed to complete the process, together with the appropriate fees and the Articles of Incorporation: Company name, Number of shares and structure, Copy of passports, Contact and physical address details. We offer registered office for Marshall Islands International business.

Required documents:

  • ID/passport copy of director(s), secretary & shareholder(s)
  • Data privacy consent form signed by individuals
  • Business summary including services, sectors and major operating countries
  • We also provide true copy certification service for your personal identity documents as per your need.

What are the initial requirements to register a company in Marshall Islands?

  • At least one director and one shareholder, which can be the same person.
  • A local registered address in Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands Company Law

A Non-Resident Domestic Company is governed by the Business Corporations Act, which is under the Marshall Islands Associations Law of 1990, exempting all non-resident companies from having to pay any type of local taxes.

The offshore jurisdiction has a modernized corporate law that combines elements from both the US and the UK, making it a first class offshore financial centre.

The Marshall Islands has outstanding asset protection legislation and has long declined to collaborate with the OECD on any tax information exchange agreements.

Non-Resident Companies are also not required to file audited accounts, annual returns, or submit any financial records, details of its owners or any shareholder of the company, all the details of which are kept confidential.

Common law

Business Corporations Act (Marshall Islands Associations Law of 1990)

Non-Resident Domestic Corporation (Company limited by shares)

The liability of the shareholders for the company is limited to the amount of their respective shareholdings.

A non-resident company is restricted from doing business with Marshall Islands residents or companies but may maintain professional contact with solicitors, barristers, accountants, bookkeepers, trust companies, management or secretarial companies, investment advisors, or other similar persons or entities carrying on business within the Marshall Islands.

There is no minimum share capital established, and this can be denominated in any currency or in more than one currency. The minimum paid in and issued capital may be one share.

Non-resident companies may have registered shares, bearer shares, preference shares, and redeemable shares, shares with or without par value and shares with or without voting rights. Shares may be paid up in cash or through the transfer of other assets. The standard formation is 500 shares without par value or up to US$50,000 worth of par value stock.

Non-resident companies may be incorporated by one or more shareholders, who can be either natural or legal persons, residents or non-residents, without limitations. Shareholders may elect to not publicly disclose their details.

A private limited company must appoint at least 1 director, who may be a natural or legal person, resident or non-resident, without restrictions. A company may elect to not publicly disclose personal details of directors.

A company secretary is required but may be non-resident, and he or she may be the Director.

A company shall have a registered address in Marshall Islands, provided by a licensed service provider.

Annual general meetings of shareholders are mandatory but can be held anywhere. Meetings can be held by telephone or other electronic means; alternatively, shareholders may vote by proxy.

Inward and outward re-domiciliation is allowed.

Non-resident companies should maintain accounting records, as well as the supporting documentation, and may be held anywhere in the world.

It is not required to file an annual return, financial statements or tax return with the Marshall Islands authorities.

Shareholders Not Disclosed



$99 / month
  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 24/7 support


$99 / month
  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 24/7 support


$99 / month
  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 24/7 support

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